How happy was I to get to Piranha Lake?

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Jeff Zausch opens up about his new show, Naked And Afraid XL!


What IS Naked And Afraid XL? A group of the best survival experts in the world are taking on an un-survivable situation that has never been attempted before: 12 people. 40 days. 40 nights. No food. No water. No clothes. The ultimate trial of human endurance and will to survive. NAKED AND AFRAID XL is…

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Recap: Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 7: “40 Days Falling Apart”

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This funny and very entertaining recap is by Kellie Freeze from ENJOY! Last week, we big adieu to strange and endearing survivalist Shane as he tapped out after 30 days of emotion abuse at the hands of his teammates Alana and Danielle and the physical affects of starvation. It’ll be interesting to see if…

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Naked And Afraid XL Recap – Episodes 4-6


Please enjoy this awesome Naked And Afraid Recap from the folks at channelguidemagblog.  Episode 4: 17 days ago, 12 Naked and Afraid headed in to the unforgiving Colombian badlands. Now, 10 survivalists remain. In El Bosque, Shane has separated himself from his teammates Alana and Danielle. Danielle is weaving hats and the ladies are enjoying their fruit…

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Shane? Or No Shane? That Is The Question…

3 alphas

Wow!  What a crazy episode huh?  EJ and I traveled for nearly 48 hours in search of water.  We found water, but with that came a big black cloud of DRAMA.  EJ and I have a philosophy; Be Positive, Praise God, and No Whining. When we found Shane out on the Savanna, he was clearly ecstatic to see…

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Naked And Afraid XL Recap – Episodes 1-3

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The survivalists begin their experiences alone, although some are inserted close to others, while others must search to find their teammates. The 12 participants are divided into four specific areas, which are in close proximity to each other. Perhaps they’ll eventually find each other, and maybe they won’t … that’s part of the fun. DAY…

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Survivalist gets electrocuted by electric eel!


  So Jeff, did it hurt? Yes it hurt! Are you kidding me?  I have a degree in wildlife biology and have spent many years working in this field, however I had no idea that an electric eel was that powerful! I grew up on a farm where being zapped by an electric cattle fence…

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Pocatello man gets ‘Naked And Afraid’ again


Jeff Zausch started his journey to reality-TV fame the same way he finished it: buck naked. Unable to sleep, the Pocatello man watched the reality TV show “Naked and Afraid” one night. At the end, a solicitation for new cast members aired. So while his wife, Gabby, slept beside him, Zausch grabbed his laptop and…

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Jeff Zausch Gets Excited On Naked And Afraid XL!


CLICK HERE to know more about the new upcoming survival show, Naked and Afraid XL, on Discovery Channel! CLICK HERE to read my official bio on Discovery Channel.  

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14 “SECRET” Behind The Scenes Facts–Naked And Afraid (Madagascar)


1.  At night, a hedgehog-looking creature would visit our cave.  We named him Steve.  One night he came waddling out of his hole and fell right on top of Eva! She screamed so loud I thought she was being attacked! Then we realized he was just a harmless blind hedgehog!  We decided to name him Steve,…

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